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Our Products

Salinas offers complete product lines of salt for home, water softeners, agricultural salts, food processing, and industrial salts for thousands of applications. With our continuous innovation, we have developed health products that helps boost the immune systems and prevent diseases in both human and animals.

Secret Weapon

Product Overview

Secret Weapon is a liquid mineral supplement, particularly rich in macro and trace minerals needed for optimum health and nutrition. It contains magnesium (anti-stress), sulfates, chlorides, and potassium. It is known that secret weapon contains more than 40 trace elements like selenium (strengthens immune system), boron, manganese, chromium, zinc and others.

When taken regularly with proper diet, exercise and training may help

Feedmate Mineral Booster

Product Overview

Minerals are not only supplemental to the growth of livestock but are necessary ingredients needed by the animals. In the absence of these minerals in their daily food, the animals tend to sustain their requirement by eating dirt, wood, floor, ropes and other things found in their environment. In doing so, the animals become susceptible to bacteria and health hazards like Clostridium tetani.

Characteristics and Benefits

Minerals found in Feedmate

Feedmate Uses

Feedmate Mineral Booster specially formulated for Hogs/Pigs to help them fight against mineral deficiencies which causes them to have:

Feedmate Mineral Booster can be use on other brand of feeds either on wet or dry. To know the right amount of minerals needed by your animals and information on how to make your hogs/pigs more profitable, contact us and our sales representative will happy to assist you.

Available in packs

Ranchers Mineral Booster

Product Overview

Ranchers Mineral Booster contains a balance of macro minerals (calcium, phosphorus, chlorine, magnesium and sodium). Micro minerals include (cobalt, copper, iodine, manganese, selenium, zinc, molybdenum and iron). Each of the mentioned minerals has different functions and benefits in the internal and external bodily organs of our livestock particularly the dairy or milking cows/cattle. It is said that any of these mentioned minerals, when deficient can cause the imbalance or make un productivity of our livestock that can result to death and production losses.


Salt plays as the carrier of the macro and micro minerals presence in Ranchers Mineral Booster to make it palatable. Ranchers Mineral Booster is easy to absorbed.

Minerals basic functions are:

Ranchers Uses

It is specially made for sheep, cattle and goats. It helps them prevent diseases such as, physical deformities, stillbirth and others.


Because it’s in powder form you can easily give this to your animals, they don’t need to lick it. Just mix the solution to the water they drink, to their feeds or in an ordinary salt.

Feeding Instruction

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Poultrymate Mineral Booster

Product Overview

Poultrymate Mineral Booster now has minerals and electrolytes with calcium and phosphorus to help our poultry animals fight all kinds of stress.

Benefits of Minerals and electrolytes

Poultrymate Uses

Poultrymate Mineral Booster is specially formulated for ducks and chicken. It helps them meet the minerals needed for their growth and fight stress.
Ducks3 teaspoon12 liters
Broiler 2 1/2 teaspoon10 liters
Layer4 1/2 teaspoon 18 liters
Goose 6 1/2 teaspoon25 liters

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