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Salinas offers complete product lines of salt for home, water softeners, agricultural salts, food processing, and industrial salts for thousands of applications. With our continuous innovation, we have developed health products that helps boost the immune systems and prevent diseases in both human and animals.

Fidel Iodized Salt

Features and Benefits

FIDEL Iodized Salt vs. Other Salt Brand

FIDEL Iodized Salt vs. Other Repacked Iodized Salt

These Products are available in:

1 kilo12 packs
500 grams24 packs
250 grams48 packs
Mr Salt 1kg
Mr. Salt 500g
Mr Salt 250g
Mr Salt 115g

Mr. Salt Iodized salt

Product Overview

Mr. Salt Iodized Table Salt is a more practical choice for vacuum-dried iodized salt because it is more convenient to use. Its free-flowing characteristic makes it easy for you to control the amount of salt to be used whether in cooking or adding taste to your food. Not all vacuum-dried salt have the same characteristic as Mr. Salt. Many of this kind are lumping because of long exposure to air or having a higher moisture content than Mr. Salt. Using vacuum salt with higher moisture content will make it difficult to use and control. The tendency is, you might add more salt to your food.


Mr. Salt Iodized Table Salt can be use in baking. Its highly flowable characteristics makes it easy to mix with the dough and will create better distribution of salt. Whether in bakery, bakeshop, or household baking, you can rely on Mr. Salt.



Mr. Salt Iodized Table Salt is also best for cooking, because of its odorless feature it is more preferred than other salt which has a chemical or sea odor. Using Mr. Salt in cooking is more convenient because of its fine granules you don’t need extra effort in mixing it to your food.

Enhancing Food Flavor

Mr. Salt Iodized Table Salt makes you more comfortable than using other salt because of it’s Free-Flowing feature. You can easily turn a dull appetite into the kind of taste you want for your food.


In baking one of the most important ingredient is salt and it must have the features of flowability and uniform grain sizes because the taste of your finish product will depend on it. You can be assured that Mr. Salt has these characteristic.

Mr Salt Uses

Best for Baking, Enhancing the Food Flavor and also for Cooking dishes. It is packed in food-grade polypropylene plastic and packed in box for easy handling, stacking and storage.

Available in:

Asin Pinoy 1kg
Asin Pinoy 500g

Asin Pinoy Iodized Salt

Product Descriptions

Available in:

1 kilo12 packs
500 grams24 packs
Salinas Quality Patis 350ml

Salinas Quality Patis

Product Overview and Benefits

In a typical Filipino dining table, spices and sauces are a common ingredient that makes the appetite complete like bagoong, toyo, suka and patis. Most of these condiments are salty because Filipinos have typical crave for salty foods. Among the Filipino condiments, patis is one of the most widely used and marketed condiment. Aside from the branded patis, majority are unbranded patis which can be seen along the highways in the provinces.

What do we really get from patis aside from its taste and saltiness?

According to research, fish sauce contains important minerals necessary for health and proper nutrition. These include mineral salt, essential amino acid of more than 12 types especially Lysine, and Vitamin B12,these minerals are essential for our body growth. However, with so many brands and kinds of patis in the market, it is difficult to differentiate the pure patis from the common ones.


There are five criteria in choosing the good quality patis, these includes aroma, taste, clarity, production and packaging. The aroma of a common patis is light smell of fish it is light amber in color, sometimes cloudy and particles can be seen inside. The taste is salty with an aftertaste of fish. But with this kind of patis, you taste more of the salt than the fish flavor. As a consumer, although you have the basic qualities of a patis from this is the taste, its salty; the smell, it smells like patis; and the color it looks like patis, you will always feel unsatisfied, because you did not buy patis but a salt and water solution. This is because, common patis are produced by mixing salt and water solution to the pure fish sauce extract. This is done in order to produce more patis without reducing its salty taste. These can be seen commonly in unbranded bottles displayed along the highways in most provinces. Although nowadays, these kind of patis are already branded displayed in many grocery stores. The result is a salt and water solution with a little taste of patis served on your table.


In cooking, you consume more of this in order to get the right taste you want for your food. Although it is really hard to distinguish a common patis from a high quality patis, an expert patis user can tell the difference.

How can we really differentiate a high quality Patis from a common patis?

Among the characteristics mentioned, the aroma plays an important role. The olfactory nerve in our nose influences the brain more than the taste buds. A pure patis has a strong smell of fish which will give a very appetizing taste to your food. It has a dark amber color because it is the original extract of the fish and salt fermentation, which is the main procedure of patis making. This starts from careful selection of the right type and quality of fish and selecting the right quality of salt, the salt must be high in salinity and very low amount of impurities. The quality of the fermentation plant is important. Proper hygiene and sanitation must be maintained within the fermentation plant. The length of fermentation period takes at least two years to fully exhaust the fish sauce. Proper monitoring of the fish sauce is important in order to ensure the correct amount of mineral content of the product such as salt, nitrogen, amino acid and glutamic acid.

Upon passing the quality standard and the fermentation period, only then the fish sauce can be harvested and stored. Before bottling, the patis must undergo filtration process to achieve a clear patis. Then, filtered patis will be transferred to a hygienic container or bottle, sealed and labeled for classification.

On the other hand, an ordinary patis production is basically the fermentation of fish and salt mixture. The sauce coming out of the fermentation process is stocked, mixed with brine solution, and placed in a packaging material which is commonly bottle. The result is a common patis solution.

As a consumer, one must be sure that the quality patis you are buying has a name and brand to ensure that what you are buying is a quality product. With these criteria set in mind, Salinas Quality Patis is your best choice.

For a more satisfying and appetizing meal for your family Salinas Quality Patis! 100% Pure Fish Sauce!


Best for making sauces, spices and also in cooking. It enhances the flavor of your food because it is from the original extract of fish and salt fermentation you will get the right taste and aroma of high quality patis.


To use this in cooking, add the desired amount of Salinas Quality Patis to your dishes.


Available in 350ml, 750ml bottle

FIDEL Hammer Meat Tenderizing Salt

A white free flowing crystal, odorless, with a salty taste, fortified with iodine. Used to tenderize any kind of meat in a short span of time, thus saving not only time but fuel as well. FIDEL Hammer Meat Tenderizing Salt’s palatability was tested thru a rigid “sensory evaluation” (actual specific evaluation of a food product thru taste test) done by 100 Food Technology students wherein they’ve observed thru actual taste test that proportion of FIDEL Hammer Meat Tenderizing Salt used in different kinds of meat (pork, beef and carabeef) has a tenderizing effect on the meat, but without any difference compared to using an ordinary salt in terms of taste, odor and appearance.

QuickChill Refrigerant

Product Overview

QuickChill is an innovative, cost effective technology to chill your drinks in just 10 to 20 minutes. Compared with chillers, beverages are chilled after 8 to 12 hours. Compared with coolers with ice, beverages are chilled after 4 hours.

Economic Benefits