The Salt Technology

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Salinas Corporation in partnership with Department of Health (Sec. Dr. Teodoro Herbosa with Johnny Khonghun).
First Philippines Salt Congress in Lingayen Pangasinan - November 2022
At the Provincial Capitol of Marinduque, with Gov. Presbitero Velasco (2nd from L), PCA Admin Bernie Ferrer Cruz (3rd from L) and Congressman Lord Allan Velasco (Right most).
Salinas Marketing Team holds Marketing Conference at Antipolo.
Salinas On-the-Job Trainees (OJT's) visit to salt farm.
Pacific Farms located at Bolinao, Pangasinan.
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Salt Farm
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About Salinas

Salinas is a company envisioned to lead and professionalize the salt industry in production, distribution and marketing. We shall competitively service the basic needs of the different industries of the country through salt and allied strategic industries of water, food and feeds. Salinas takes it’s name from the Latin word “salinae” which means salt works or salt ponds. The word signifies the company’s starting point in the salt industry and it’s definition of its core business.

Taste Master

Specialty salt line from Salinas to
tailor-fit/customize its salt products according to the exact requirements of its Key Customers.

Industrial Salt for Water Treatment

Specialized Application

Other Products

Iodized Salt for Industry

Salt for Feedmills

Fidel Iodized Salt

Fidel Iodized Salt

The First locally-produced iodized salt endorsed by the Department of Health. Highest quality local iodized salt

Fidel Hammer

A special kind of white, free flowing and odorless IODIZED SALT aims to tenderize the meats at the shorter possible time.


An innovative, and cost-effective technology to chill drinks and beverages.
Salinas Agri and Animal Nutrition

Salinas Agri and Animal Nutrition

Salinas Agri and Animal Nutrition segment is a set of products designed for different kinds of Livestock and Coconut Farming Business. This set of products is focusing on the importance of minerals in animals and plants. Recognizing the vital role of mineral in agricultural farming, Salinas Foods Incorporated created Salinas Agri and Animal Nutrition segment which is a unique solution to our dearest farmers to have better and productive yield in Agricultural Farming.


A mineral supplement, particularly rich in macro and trace minerals needed for optimum health and nutrition. It contains magnesium (anti-stress), sulfates, chlorides, and potassium.


Uses mineral rich salt blended with therapeutic essential oils. It allows the essential oils and trace minerals to disperse and penetrate the skin, rejuvenate tired skin and soothes aching, overstressed muscles.

Thalasso Mineral Sea Salt

The BEST salt for your swimming pools to experience mineral sea water in your homes (bath tubs), jacuzzis, sportclubs, gyms, hotels, resorts, condominiums and villages.

Recent Products

Exalt Cooking Salt

Exalt Cooking Salt

A natural sea salt hand harvested to be an excellent choice to bring out the flavor in your best tasting recipes, versatile for all types of cuisines. It is low in sodium and enriched with minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium and others.

Baker's Secret

Baker's Secret

Bread has been one of the principal forms of food for human beings since earliest times. The ancient Greeks and Romans made bread their staple food. Bread comes in different forms. It can be made from very simple ingredients like flour, oil, water and salt.


QuickChill is an innovative, and cost-effective technology to chill drinks and beverages. This new chilling technology saves electricity, reduces maintenance or repair costs, saves money and time for your restaurant, restobar and catering business.
PFI Agri Tour

Your perfect place to fine eco tour, healthy meal, nature paths and more in Bolinao Pangasinan, Philippines.

Aro-En Gourmet Salt

In sharing our love for deliciously home-cooked meals and expertly prepared gourmet dishes, we at Salinas created Aro-En.

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