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Our Products

Salinas offers complete product lines of salt for home, water softeners, agricultural salts, food processing, and industrial salts for thousands of applications. With our continuous innovation, we have developed health products that helps boost the immune systems and prevent diseases in both human and animals.

What is Tastemaster?

Specialty salt line from Salinas to tailor-fit / customize its salt products according to the exact requirements of its Key Customers.

Salinas recognizes the special needs of its Key Customers with very differentiated and special requirements in Food and Flavoring Industry.

Features and Benefits


Food Safety

Cost Effective

Dynavac HPC Salt

All food manufacturers/processors using food grade salt are also required to use iodized salt in the processing of their products, restaurant or any food establishments include also in this Act.

The Republic Act 8172 or the Act of Promoting Salt Iodization Nationwide was signed in law last December 16, 1995. The purpose of this ASIN Law is to eliminate micronutrient malnutrition particularly Iodine Deficiency Disorder through salt iodization.

Fortificant used in Dynavac HPC

As BFAD recommended fortificant fitted for tropic countries like Philippines is Potassium Iodate. Potassium Iodate is preferred for the following reasons:

Features and Benefits of Dynavac HPC

Salt Quality


Global Salt

High Purity Salt

Low Calcium and Magnesium

Chunky Crystals

Low Impurities and Dirt

Packed in Brand New Sacks

Available in 50 kg. or bulk dump truck loads.

Ionex Salt

High NaCl Content

Low Moisture

Low Ca & Mg Content

Low Impurities and Dirt


Watermate Salt

Product Overview

After an extensive research and study of its products and processes, Salinas (IM) Corporation came out with a special grade salt especially recommended for Ice Plants.

Watermate is an industrial grade salt manufactured by solar evaporation. It underwent extensive purification process to meet the high quality requirements of the ice plant industry.

High Purity

The use of Watermate in bringing yields 20% less difference in the consumption compared to commercial salt (80% NaCl). Obvious indication of this is lesser salt consumption. Indirectly, it means time and manpower savings, consider the time and effort exerted in hauling 800 bags of salt instead of 1000 bags.

More importantly, monitoring and control of brine salinity is more accurate and easier because high grade salt is more stable and consistent in quality. Monitoring of eutectic point will be easier and more accurate. Low quality salt has a greater tendency to absorb moisture because the presence of other salts aside from NaCl makes it hygroscopic.

Low Moisture

Low moisture salt means cleaner storage and minimum weight loss during storage as compared to commercial salt which has drippings.

Low Impurities

Calcium and Magnesium

Low impurity salt means very minimal hazards due to hardness-causing elements of calcium and magnesium and other impurities present. Thus, it gives clean brine relative to brine produced from commercial salt which gives foams of dirt and other impurities. Likewise, calcium content is lower. These properties are important in any heat exchange process because scale deposits come usually from calcium carbonate precipitate, silts, mud and others. When scale deposits form in the tube, the following results:
One should note that for every 5% increase in condenser temperature means 11.5% increase in power consumption. Furthermore, the working life of brine is much longer since cleaning frequency is less. Dirt accumulation is minimized. This gives a lot of salt savings which can be converted into greater financial savings.

Packed in brand new sacks

This eliminates possible contamination during storage and delivery. This ensures consistency of purity and cleanliness of the product from packaging to usage.

Typical Analysis Report (dry basis)

Effects of Scaling on Heat Transfer

Degree of Scaling (Percentages) Rate of Heat Transfer
(Thousands in BTU/Hour)

Dynafine FMX-I Salt

High Purity

The Dynafine FMX-I having at least 97% NaCl content in dry basis and has the largest probability of reaching up to 99% NaCl which means lesser salt consumption. More importantly even a small amount of salt our animal take in, it can nourished its NaCl needs. In low quality salt, it is necessary to consume bigger amount to reached the right ration with lesser chances of attaining the required amount to satisfy our animals need.

Low Moisture

As an added benefit, low moisture salt means cleaner storage and guaranteed no weight losses due to drippings. One of the factors in having caking problem and formation of fungi is due to presence of moisture.

Low Impurities

Low impurities salt means very minimal hazards due to elements of Calcium and Magnesium and other topical dirt. It underwent additional processes to give a clean and high quality of salt.

Dynafine FMX-I salt grains are very fine size which improves flowability and mixability of our NaCl in feed ration. It can evenly distributed within the feeds as compared to bigger and irregular size.

Packed in Brand New Sacks with Plastic Lining

Salt is hygroscopic in nature. We come up to put plastic linings to avoid accumulation of moisture from atmosphere and other factors which lead the salt to drip. This also serves to eliminate possible contamination during storage and delivery. This ensures consistency of purity and cleanliness of the product from packaging to usage.

Typical Analysis Report of Dynafine FMX-I

Wet Basis Dry Basis
Sodium Chloride, NaCl 99.42 99.56
Calcium, Ca 0.038 0.038
Magnesium, Mg 0.013 0.013
Sulfate, SO4 0.291 0.291
Water Insoluble Matter 0.02 0.02
Moisture 0.14 -
This report is based on the sample received and tested by Industrial Technology Development Institute (ITDI) attested by Eulalia L. Venzon, M.D. (Chief Research Specialist – Physical Group)