Our Products Salinas offers complete product lines of salt for home, water softeners, agricultural salts, food processing, and industrial salts for thousands of applications. With our continuous innovation, we have developed health products that helps boost the immune systems and prevent diseases in both human and animals.
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Salinas won't stop here. Our Research and Development team continuously researching new ideas and products using salt related technologies.

Industrial and Food
Water Treatment
  • Watermate
  • Global
  • Ionex
Food Processing
  • Tastemasters
  • Dynavac HPC
  • Dynavac HPS
  • Dynafine FMX-I
Iodized Salt for Home    Cooking
  • Fidel Iodized Salt
  • Mr. Salt Table Salt
  • Asin Pinoy Iodized
  • Salinas Quality Patis
  • Fidel Hammer Meat Tenderizing Salt
Food Service
  • QuickChill Refrigerant
Animal Nutrition
  • Secretweapon
Hogs and Pigs
  • Feedmate Mineral Booster
Cattle, Sheeps & Goats
  • Ranchers Mineral Booster
Ducks and Chickens
  • Poultrymate Mineral Booster
Health and Wellness
Mineral Supplement
  • Nigari Natural Mineral Supplement
Spa/Bath Salt
  • Tropics Mineral for the Skin
Retail Water Treatment
Swimming Pools
  • Thalasso Mineral Sea Salt
Water Refilling Station
  • Claro Vida Resin Guard
  • Claro Vida Plus
  • Claro Vida
  • Aquamate
  • Bottle Power Business