Our Products Salinas offers complete product lines of salt for home, water softeners, agricultural salts, food processing, and industrial salts for thousands of applications. With our continuous innovation, we have developed health products that helps boost the immune systems and prevent diseases in both human and animals.

What is Tastemaster?

Specialty salt line from Salinas to tailor-fit / customize its salt products according to the exact requirements of its Key Customers.

Salinas recognizes the special needs of its Key Customers with very differentiated and special requirements in Food and Flavoring Industry.

Features and Benefits
  • Customized to your exact requirements? Minimal or Zero-defect quality
  • Differentiate your Flavor with your Customers
Food Safety
  • Following GMP, HACCP guidelines
Cost Effective
  • Pay only for the features you want
  • Reduce rejects, rework & finished product defects