Salinas takes it's name from the Latin word "salinae" which means salt works or salt ponds. The word signifies the company's starting point in the salt industry and it's definition of its core business.
Team Salinas
Core Values and Beliefs

We Believe "Your Success is our Success" is working hard to ensure first the success of our customers, our employees, our suppliers, our management and stockholders, and our society and environment.

To achieve success, we commit to: acquiring valuable and relevant knowledge for our business and work. Shaping good attitudes and being pro-active, enjoying work, maintaining honesty and integrity, Being open to ideas and learning, continously improving and innovating in our people, products and processes.

Developing high quality Skills to deliver quality products for our customers. By acting on this vision everyday, we shall build a sustainable, profitable business, work together and lead fulfilling, productive lives.

Corporate Purpose

We are a salt based technology company. We lead and professionalize the salt industry in production, distribution, and marketing through innovative technologies.

We develop unique solutions for the industrial and consumer market especially in human and animal nutrition. We are commited to support the health and wellness programs of the country.

We continuously explore the many uses of salt. We add to its value and open new markets.